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Puttering about. [userpic]

May 9th, 2006 (08:00 am)

I've been feeling kind of bloaty and generally gross lately, so I decided to take advantage of the return of my craving for veggies to go at least a week or so without meat or dairy, though I might have some fish at some point. I'm still going through this bizarre phase of not wanting to eat salad very much, so I ended up with the following after a trip to Bloomingfoods.

acorn squash
asian pears
green pears
pink lady apples
lemons for water
button mushrooms
radishes (yum)
brown rice
rice milk

I already had sweet potatoes, garlic, and canned artichokes at home; I will probably get some green beans, carrots, cucumbers, onions, and strawberries from a conventional grocery and some mint tea and maybe kamut flakes from Sahara Mart tonight; and I am going to try to cut out caffeine (green tea yaye!) and go very light on the corn, sugar, gluten, and soy.

I was really skeptical about trying rice milk again. I know that I like it better than soy milk, but I hadn't tried it in a year or two. It made my cinnamon shredded wheat wet and tasty, though, so while I probably won't be drinking it as a snack, it will do fine for breakfast.

I was up late processing everything to make sure that I would actually eat it, and starting a new batch of mung bean sprouts. For lunch today, I made an Italian quinoa pilaf, with mushrooms, walnuts, pine nuts, garlic, crushed red pepper, tomatoes, lemon juice, and parsley. I also have a sweet potato (for if I've very hungry), applesauce, and asian pear slices. The leftovers will probably make a nice stuffing for the acorn squash. Ed and I are supposed to go out to dinner tonight, so I will push for Roots or Encore, but we'll see.

Let's hope I feel better at the end of a week or so.